Online Course Creation Tool

Sekhana allows you to take the knowledge in your mind and turn it into a course to sell. Creating a course is a simple, straightforward process and we have detailed tutorials to help. Sekhana (optionally) connects to your Aweber account to automatically add users to your mailing list or to limit access to your subscribers. It's great for free opt-in courses as well as paid courses.

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Why Choose For Your Courses (other than saving time)

Ease of Use

With Sekhana, you can get a course up quickly and easily.


No need to get your own hosting account or hire a web developer.


Themes allow you to change the look and feel and add your own logo.

Email Reminders

Your students automatically get a notice when new content is released.

Aweber Connected

Use a course as a newsletter opt-in. Or set up a course specific mailing list.


Connect your Google Analytics account with Sekhana to track your courses.


All of your lessons can have a comments section to allow students to engage in conversation.

Lots of Tutorials

Everything in Sekhana is heavily documented in step-by-step instruction videos.